analysis using held-hou model from “Introduction to Circulating Atmospheres”

Okay, I’ve done the Held-Hou Model calculations. Interestingly enough, the predicted maximum wind speed is larger for the planet with an Earth-like rotation rate (since the planet with 2x rotation rate has its jet streams closer to the equator, and since the speed varies as y^2 from the equator [1], the decreased distance more than cancels out the effect of the increased Coriolis Force). The numerical values are not a precise match (which is expected given some crude assumptions I’ve made), and they don’t linearly scale either (which is expected, given the y^2 term)

[1] The zone of maximum temperature somehow never went above the equator even during summer for both plots, so I simply used the equator for y_0.

I also know that the potential temperature is what really matters, but as the graphs are graphs of pressure vs. latitude, then as long as we’re comparing between equal pressure levels between the two planets (which is true, as I measured it), then for this case, we can use max(temperature at X mb) as an effective proxy for max(potential temperature).

I’ll try to investigate this a bit more tonight and tomorrow.

Picture is here:


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